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In FACONS, Our Laboratories are well equipped.
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Our clean and convenient environment...
Our modern and well ventilated hostel...
FACONS Auditorium Hall
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DIRECTORWelcome to Fatima College of Nursing Sciences (FACONS).

FACONS is one of the best private nursing schools in Nigeria. Our national reputation for clinical excellence helps make our graduates highly sought after by top health care employers around the country.

Whether you graduate as a new nurse or are advancing your current practice with a doctorate, a degree from FACONS prepares you to be a leader in the nursing profession... READ MORE

Our mission is to provide a conducive environment with standard and modern facilities, engage competent and skillful manpower and enroll potential young people for practical training, intellectual and behaviour transformations in healthcare delivery that will in due course adequately address the healthcare service needs of their respective communities.

Our vision is to be a health institution of international standard that trains skilled, disciplined and responsible nurses, midwives and other health care personnel that are committed to serving humanity with love and compassion.

FACONS terms include the following:

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